about us

Who are we?

We are a collaborative aiming to help social innovators and small businesses around the world share their message and do good work.

Founder Cathy, Consultant - With 10 years experience in government consulting, international NGOs, non-profits and even a technology startup, Cathy has seen it all. In her career, she’s also had the good fortune to work with amazing people and projects in Costa Rica, Mexico, Kenya, Zimbabwe, India and South Africa. Generally, though, she finds herself most comfortable finding synergies between technology and social change and loves to help others learn more about the two. You can find her Twitter here.
Founder Rafael, Consultant - Rafa is passionate about creating social micro experiences that can potentially make our world a better place. He loves to bring stories to life and find the best communication vehicles to share them. In his career, he has had the opportunity to produce events for world leaders, like President Bush and Tony Blair. He has also worked with well-known brands in the pharmaceutical, fashion, and entertainment industries both at creative agencies and as a freelance web developer. You can find him on Twitter here

What else will we do?

Share knowledge, create tools and hopefully solve difficult problems together. Fill out the form below to join our Slack community.